Demonstration for Öcalan's freedom in Til Berak

The Movement for Democratic Society organized a march in solidarity with the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Öcalan, protesting the isolation imposed on him in the prison of Imrali in Turkey.

Hundreds of residents from the towns of Til Hamis, Til Barak and Al-Hawl gathered in the town of Til Berak to participate in the march condemning the international plot against the Kurdish leader and the entire people of Kurdistan.

Demonstrators raised the flags of the People's Defense Units (YPG), Women's Defense Units (YPJ), Öcalan's pictures, and also banners that read: "Long live Syrian Democratic Forces! Long live brotherhood of peoples! People of Til Barak demand the freedom of leader Apo!"

The demonstrators marched in the main street of the town, and later gathered in the main crossroad in the town and stood a minute of silence, followed by a speech on behalf of the Movement for a Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), by Jahid Hassan, saying: "On this day the leader left Syria, which was the day of the beginning of an international plot that was planned by the capitalist and anti-freedom states. The result was kidnapping of leader Öcalan on February 15, 1999 in Kenya and handing him over to the fascist Turkish state." Hassan added that "this plot was against all oppressed peoples in the region."

"Soon there will be good news for all peoples of northern Syria. The city of Raqqa will be liberated from the terrorist ISIS within few days, thanks to those who sacrificed their life for the liberation of this city" said Hassan.

Hassan also condemned the international plot by Turkey, Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime to hand over the city of Idlib to the Turkish state. He said that these forces are working in one front against the freedom of peoples.

At the end of his speech he again denounced the international plot against the Öcalan, who faced and resisted violence and imprisonment for 19 years in the prisons of the fascist Turkish state for the freedom of his people. He said: "Leader Öcalan represents our freedom and political will. Any assault on the leader is an assault on our peoples."

Speaking after, Fatima Awaid on behalf of the People's Assembly in the Til Berak region also called for the freedom of leader Abdullah Öcalan and condemned his isolation by the enemies of humanity and the Turkish fascism. She closed her speech by wishing victory for the Syrian Democratic Forces on all frontlines.

The march ended with slogans calling for the freedom of leader Abdullah Öcalan.