Dr. Ciwan: We need prostheses in Afrin

Chief physician at the Avril Hospital in Afrin, Dr. Ciwan Mihemed stated that in Afrin there is no way to make prostheses.

The number of civilians killed in the canton of Afrin since the beginning of the war of aggression in Turkey has increased to 129.

"We stopped counting the days. The days are getting longer. Every day, dead and injured people from our population reach us. Everyone we've turned to until now is silent. The whole world is silent. That which happens in Afrin and the silence about Afrin is inhuman”, said chief physician at the Avril Hospital in Afrin, Dr. Ciwan Mihemed in a press conference on the current situation.

The situation in the hospital is difficult, but the situation of the population of Afrin is much more difficult, the doctor said. Dr. Mihemed emphasized that there was no way in Afrin to make prosthetics for people who have lost parts of their bodies because of Turkish attacks:

"Of course, Avrin Hospital has had patients in the past as well. But because of all the seriously injured, we do not treat patients with less serious ailments. This increases the numbers of those who cannot be treated. This is another problem. Our injured have lost body parts, one foot, two feet or hands. For example, a woman was admitted who lost both feet in an attack. Her son asked us, "How is she supposed to walk?" That's a big problem we have to think about a solution. "

Dr. Mihemed also provided information on those injured in other hospitals. Thus, there are a total of 310 injured civilians in different hospitals of Afrin.