Ethnic cleansing in Afrin: Demographic structure changed

The Turkish state is settling gangs they brought from Ghouta and elsewhere in various villages in Afrin.

Following the invasion attacks against Afrin by the Turkish state and their allied Al Nusra, ISIS and FSA gangs, hundreds of homes and businesses were looted and dozens were torn down by diggers.

After massacres, loots and destruction, the Turkish state has taken on changing the demographic structure and is settling gangs they brought from Ghouta and other towns in homes that belong to the people of Afrin in several villages.

According to local sources, the Turkish state settled gangs in 11 homes that belonged to Afrin families in the Mêrîkan village.

Some of the people who own the homes the gangs were settled in are: Evdo Sido, Eslan Hemdi, Mecid Hemdi, Rızgar Hemdi, Rudi Hemdi, Cemil Hemdi, Behcet Hemdi, Bedreddin Sino, Evdilhedi Hemdi, Faruq Aslan, Hisni Hemdi.