German delegation visits Kobanê

The German delegation visiting Rojava committed itself to support the reconstruction of Kobanê.

A German delegation arrived in Kobanê on Wednesday where it was met by Anwar Moslem and Berivan Hesen, members of the Executive Committee of Kobanê Canton Council and Minister of Defense Ismet Şex Hesen.

The delegation is made up of cameraman Uwe Ahlborn, autor and politician Robert Jarowoy, Die Linke MP Zaklin Nastic, filmmaker Prof. Peter Ott from Merz Academy, lawyer Yavuz Fersoglu, academic Ramazan Mendanlioglu from Stipendiat University Hamburg and Academy of World Religions, academic and freelance journalist Evrim Kaya, Niclas Krukenberg from the University of Hamburg, Die Linke Board Member Dr. Jan von Aken and filmmaker Dr. Robert Krieg.

Speaking during a meeting with the Canton executives, Jan van Aken MP, from the German Left Party, said that the Kurdish Freedom Movement is a women's movement and that no similar system can be found in the world.

He added that he visited many countries throughout his life and witnessed the effects capitalism had in each and every place he has been to.

“What I have seen here, - he said - is that the Northern Syria-Rojava Revolution is doing everything for human values”.

Referring to the massacres of the Turkish state in Afrin, Aken said: “The Turkish State has been responsible for massacres in North Kurdistan for years. The last time the world could see the torture and massacres carried out by the Turkish state against Kurds in the Kurdish cities of Cizre, Nusaybin and Sur”.

Members of the delegation committed themselves in helping and contributing to the reconstruction work in Kobanê and offer all kind of support within their possibilities.

Co-chair Anwar Moslem expressed his satisfaction at the visit of the delegation and said that Kobanê had suffered great destruction and that both material and spiritual support was needed for its reconstruction.

Once again drawing attention to the aggressive and hostile approaches of the Turkish state, Moslem said that the city is completely surrounded and therefore was unable to meet many of the people’s needs.

Members of the delegation paid a visit to the Martyr Dicle Graveyard after the meeting and lied a wreath at the martyr's monument.

The delegation set off to Manbij.