Inhumane acts of invaders on the rise in Afrin

The Turkish state and allied mercenaries that continue their attacks on civilians who do not accept invasion have increased their acts of murder, abduction, harassment, rape, torture and looting during the month of May.

Invading and looting Afrin by using all means available, the Turkish state and allied jihadist gangs continue their acts of murder, abduction, harassment, rape, torture and looting in addition to changing the demography of the region and forcing different faith groups to convert to Islam.

Some of the crimes perpetrated by the invading forces in Afrin during the month of May are as follows;

* 3295 residents of Afrin were abducted and ransom was asked for their release. In addition, the civilians who wanted to return home were asked to pay high amounts of bribe.

* More than 30 people were abducted and subjected to torture and rape. Wearing long and large clothes -like ISIS rules- was made compulsory.

* 1200 families of jihadists were brought in from Damascus and Homs countryside and settled in Afrin.

* Kurdish names of shops in the city were changed. Statues in the city were considered cult and torn down.

* All the agricultural products like wheat and barley were seized and over 500 olive trees were uprooted.

* The school in Hikce village of Jindires was turned into a prison by Turkish soldiers.

* Residents of Afrin were distributed Turkish ID cards in order to vote for June 24 elections in Turkey.

* Turkish army built a heliport in Haj Xelil village in Rajo district.

On the other hand, conflicts erupted between the gang groups over sharing the properties and goods they have looted in the city.