Looters start treasure hunting in historic graves in Afrin

Turkish soldiers and their allied gang groups who have been looting Afrin are now digging through historic graves in the city to hunt for treasure, after they looted through service institutions in the city and barbarically tore down martyrs’ graves.

The Turkish state and their allied gang groups attacked Afrin with all the war equipment they have and looted the city, and continue their immoral attacks of forcible conversion to Islam, and abductions, torture and rapes. The gangs can’t accept that the people have the will to reject the invasion, and are confiscating property from citizens of Afrin.

Invading Turkish state and their allied gang groups are trying to legitimize the invasion of Afrin by abusing the name of Islam. After they looted and destroyed sacred sites in the city, they are now targeting historic graves. Sources in the city say gang groups and Turkish soldiers are digging up historic graves to hunt for treasure. Sources managed to take some photographs from the dug up historic graves in the Shêx Zêd Cemetery in the El Zêdiyê neighborhood, and report that the gangs are digging up every one of the graves to look for treasure.

Invading Turkish soldiers and their gangs had dug up the historic grave of Nebî Hûrî and stole the artifacts they found. The gangs tore down the Martyr Seydo Cemetery, and later bombed graves in Rajo and Jindirese.