Mercenaries torture a woman to death, kidnap her husband in Afrin

Occupation forces in Afrin have tortured an elderly woman and kidnapped her husband in Sherawa district of Afrin.

According to the ANHA news agency citing sources from the village of Burc Qaz in Sherawa, the Turkish-backed Al-Hamzat militia tried to rob the property of Hamdi Ebdo (70) and his wife Sultana Xelil Naso (70) in the village of Berad in Sherawa the day before. When the family opposed, the militiamen forced the family to pay the equivalent of 250 thousand Syrian Lira.

Yesterday, the militia again raided the house of the family. Sultana Xelil was cruelly tortured by a militia member named Abu Ali Heyani and she died as a result of the torture. In addition, Hamdi Ebdo was abducted and his property was seized by the militia.

According to the source, Sultana Xelil's body is still in the house, but so far nobody has been able to approach the house.