Mercenaries torture an elderly man and disabled woman in Afrin

Mercenaries affiliated to the occupant Turkish army have tortured an elderly man and his disabled daughter, and kidnapped a young man in Afrin.

The occupant Turkish state and affiliated mercenaries that have occupied Afrin following barbaric attacks against the city with all technical means available, continue committing inhuman acts against the residents of the city.

According to information obtained from sources in Jindires region, the Faylaq al-Sham gangs affiliated to the occupant Turkish army have abducted 25 years old Eğît Hesen in the village of Baziyê a few days ago. Whereabouts of the young man remains unknown since. Sources told that the gangs had kidnapped Egît three times before, and released him in return for the money they received from his family.

Another source from Rajo region reported that Turkish-backed gangs raided the village of Cobana where they tortured an 80-year-old man and her disabled daughter after tying her hands. The gangs then plundered the house of the family and seized the 600 Syrian Lira they had.