MSD welcomes Syrian government opening doors for dialogue

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) said that it finds the Syrian government's appeal for dialogue positive.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) said in a written statement that it finds the Syrian government appeal for dialogue positive.

The MSD pointed out the importance of unity within Syria against the danger of military solution, invasion from other forces that have prevented a solution and the attempts to divide the country.

The statement said:

“The Syrian Revolution entered its eight year. Dangerous consequences have emerged from attempts to solve the issue through military methods, while social division and radicalization in Syria have increased. Particularly forced displacement, attempts to change the demography of the region and interventions of external forces, have limited the possibilities of a Syrian solution”.

The statement continued: “The atmosphere of radicalization gained strength and a large number of terrorist groups were established. These groups imposed dirty practices every day on the Syrian peoples. We have now arrived at a point where a first step needs to be taken in Syria for a solution, and will be the new phase of resistance against this situation. The step taken against this danger is unity because this situation is affecting the future and destiny of the country. Conflicts between the parties led to an increase in terrorism and weakening of political solution.

The interventions of external forces could not bring any solution to the already complex situation in Syria. Some states continued to spill the blood of the Syrian citizens despite saying they are working on a solution and an end to the war. In Astana Syria was divided into areas of sovereignty, demographic changes took place and the peaceful atmosphere in some regions, which have been peaceful from the beginning, has been destroyed. The territory of Afrin, where peace and security prevailed and many refugees were housed, was occupied by conspiracy and secret agreements, and Syria's territorial integrity was put in jeopardy. The forces that have occupied Afrin impose division, and try to separate people through racist and sectarian policies”.

The statement added: “The parties in Syria finally have understood that the use of military methods and negotiations through intermediary powers would not lead to a solution. External forces are only working to protect their own interests. Therefore, in order for the Syrian people to determine their own destiny without the intervention of foreign powers, the idea of direct political solution among Syrian parties must be taken as a basis.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the Northern Syrian components have followed a different method from that of other regions in the country. The Northern Syrian components opted for a third way and formed autonomous administrations while structuring themselves in a way that would maintain their regions far from war and conflict. In this way the Northern Syrian components succeeded in providing peace in their regions, ensuring the establishment of infrastructure and developing economies. They also developed and carried out projects for a democratic, pluralist and decentralized system and provided the basis for a new Syria”.

The statement insisted: “Since we established the Syrian Democratic Council, we have always continued to work for dialogue. From the very beginning we have considered dialogue as the basis for the solution of the Syrian issue. In this regard, we have been exposed to the greed of some sectors that have opted on military solution. These sections ignored the requests coming from the Syrian regime components. On the other hand, the democratic system continued to be ignored. Social forces were supposed to surrender to the regime politics, otherwise they would face a military war.

We were not too worried with these threats and we continued to fight against terrorism. When the Syrian government announced it was opening the door to negotiations, we unreservedly accepted this approach.

We welcomed the statements of the Syrian government about negotiations that are expected to take place in Syria between the parties, in order to provide a new opportunity, to stop the blood flowing in Syria, to provide peace and to start reconstruction work.

We trust that all the representatives of the people will come together and work towards an agreement for the end of this unilateral policy of annihilation.

We would like to point out that a democratic Syria and a constitution in which all sectors are equally represented cannot be reached unless all parties come together to the negotiation table”.