People of Al-Bab up in arms, Turkish army, gangs kill civilians

The people who have been in the streets protesting for the last 3 days against the Turkish army and their gangs have been attacked. At least six civilians have been killed.

Reports say that the people up in arms in Al-Bab, the Northern Syrian province invaded by Turkey and the FSA gangs have been raked through with machine guns. There are reported casualties in the incident. The groups protected by the Turkish state raided the Bab Hospital on May 5 and battered doctors, after which the people of Al-Bab took to the streets in protest, chanting “Bab is our homeland, Turkish soldiers leave Syria”.

The Turkish army and their gangs attacked the insurgency with armored vehicles and shot at the protesters with automatic guns.


The people of Al-Bab protested the attacks with street demonstrations on May 6. The people demand that the international community stop the attacks and the TAF to be removed from Syria. The people were attacked in the same manner on May 6 as well, and 6 people lost their lives as dozens of others were wounded.

The Turkish army prevented the wounded from going outside the province. The insurgency continues.