“People of Manbij won’t let Turkey repeat what ISIS did"

Manbij Legislative Council Co-chair Faruk al-Mashi stated that the people of Manbij won’t let the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs repeat what ISIS did.

Manbij Legislative Council Co-chair Faruk al-Mashi spoke to ANHA about the Turkish state threatening to invade Manbij.

El Maşi said Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan has been threatening to invade Manbij since the SDF liberated the city, and that he aims to fracture the community in Manbij: “As the people of Northern Syria, we base ourselves on the democratic nation. The invading Turkish state sent gang groups into Syria, so we have to pick up guns and defend our country.”

On the International Coalition committee visiting Manbij, al-Mashi said: “The Coalition forces committee visited the region between the Manbij Military Council and the invading Turkish army. That has been a positive step. Important topics like defending Manbij against the invasion attacks by the Turkish state were discussed in the visit.”

“Where was the Turkish state when ISIS gangs executed our young?” said al-Mashi in protest to the Turkish state’s excuses, and stated that the Manbij Military Council believes they won’t allow the invasion of the city by the Turkish state.