People's Municipality of Tirbespiye working for its citizens

The People's Municipality is answering demands from citizens in terms of services to be established.

The People's Municipality of Tirbespiye District has increased its efforts to provide better service and respond to the demands of the people.

The People's Municipality is working non stop to secure services for the citizens, despite the limited resources.

Recently, the area chosen for garbage was moved following the complaint of the people. The dump was affecting people as the smell, especially in the heat, was unbearable.

The Municipality Women's Office, on its part, initiated cleaning campaigns in the district.

One of the main concerns of the municipality is water in the district, and has dug three new wells.

The municipality also planted trees in the gardens while on the other hand emphasized the quality of bread produced in the oven built up following the demand of the people.

After the Qamishlo Canton Council allocated a certain budget to the municipality, the service projects have begun to be set up.

The repair of sewer lines and the asphalting of roads are among the main projects.

Co-chair of the People's Municipality of Tirbespiye, Saud El-Hisên, said that they have established a committee for the repair of the damaged roads in the district.