TEV-DEM official: Turkey hinders the solution in Idlib

TEV-DEM Diplomatic Relations Center Spokesperson Kemal Akif stated that the Turkish state is hindering the solution in Idlib and added that if the fact that the Turkish state is an invader is disregarded, Turkey will cause fragmentation in Syria.

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Diplomatic Relations Center Spokesperson Kemal Akif spoke about the latest developments in Syria in a weekly press meeting.


Kemal Akif said the invading Turkish state and their gangs continue to attack the people in Afrin where furthermore many fields and houses have been burned down. Akif said what Turkey did in Afrin created great concerns for their plans for the future of Syria.

Akif continued: “We monitored many reports by several human rights organizations. The reports don’t encompass all the Turkish state did in the Afrin region. There is a need for an international approach for Afrin. The international community’s silence against what happened Afrin is shameful.”


Akif spoke about the developments in Idlib and said they also closely monitor the international meetings about the matter: “There will be important developments by the end of these meetings and their influence on Idlib will affect the future of Syria.

Turkey is engaged with a negative policy for Idlib and they hinder the solution through creating chaos. Turkey’s stance against Idlib is still not very clear. If relationships with Turkey are not handled as relationships with an invading state, the Turkish state will push Syria towards fragmentation.”


Akif also spoke about refugees and said Russia, Turkey and the Syrian regime are trying to change the demographic make-up of the country, and take political action in that framework. He said a demographic transformation will not only hurt the unity of the Syrian peoples but also affect the future of whole of Syria.

Akif continued; “We are against demographic change and we think the policy pursued in Syria is bringing about a great danger. Everyone outside of Syria has the right to return to their homeland. However, Turkey wants to create a new belt in the region and is playing with the destiny of refugees by using the refugee card in its political bargains. We are for the return of all Syrians, however this should happen on its own motion but not with the demand of Turkey or other places where refugees are staying.”