What’s happening in Afrin?

Afrin had been a safe area for tens of thousands of migrants who came from various regions in Syria and from Iraq after ISIS invaded Mosul in 2014, until Turkey and their allied gangs invaded the city and turned it into the most dangerous place in Syria.

The invading Turkish army and their allied gangs continue their dirty attacks against the people of Afrin. The invaders continue to loot and pillage the city and murder, abduct and rape citizens. They also tear down the homes of anybody who objects to their impositions.


As the invading Turkish state and their allied gangs continue to attack Afrin, gangs removed from Ghouta, Harasta and Duma regions of Damascus are brought in to be settled in the homes of Kurdish residents of Afrin.

The invading Turkish state continues to change the demographics in Afrin in line with the deals they made with Russia. The Turkish army creates chaos in Bab and Idlib, and claims Afrin is a safe zone in an attempt to bring families removed from Damascus, Homs and Hama into Afrin as well.

Meanwhile YPG/YPJ forces continue their actions against the invading Turkish army and their allied gangs. In the most recent action in the Keferrome village of the Shera district, several gang members were killed.


A source from Afrin who wishes to remain anonymous stated that with the cooperation of some families settled in the Old Afrin neighborhood, gang groups threatened to kill a resident of Afrin and stole gold and cash worth $30.000 and 300 barrels of olives.

The same source said many basic food stuffs cannot be obtained and that aid organizations under the Turkish state provide food only for the families of gang members who have been settled in Afrin. The gangs also charge money for electricity provided by generators, according to the source.


Gang groups also extort people under the guise of “taxation”. A source from the Shingele village said gang groups confiscated all their fruit produce and the vine leaves in the Kela village, to sell them in Azaz and Idlib. The same source said the Turkish army puts a 95% tax on products.

The bodies of people killed by the gangs 4 months ago still lie in the fields as the gangs prevent people from going to their fields to hide their barbarism.


Turkish state allied press claimed that rubble has been cleared in the Badina district and a medical center set up. District resident E.E. stated that the gangs opened a medical center to treat their own wounded, and that civilians can’t visit. E.E. also said that in the areas claimed to have been cleared of rubble, the gangs confiscated civilians’ homes and cleaned up the buildings so they could settle in.

Over 50 homes were demolished in the Badina district alone, according to the source, and some of their owners are: Nezmî Murad, Mistefa Midewer, Mihemed Hebik, Hesen Kekec, Hemîd Kekec, Hebeş Bekir Hebeş, Henan Ewaşê, Xelîl Heyder, Henan Sentera, Arif Heskalo, Hisên Heskalo, Arif Oskê, Osman Dado, Xelîl Dado, Ebdîn Hesê, Reşîd Hesê, Hemîd Şukrî, Xelîl Izzet and Xelîl Hibo.