YPJ fighter: We will achieve victory over the invaders in Afrin

YPJ fighter Viyan Tolhildan told how they repelled the Turkish forces’ attack on Afrin’s Sarinckê village.

The invading Turkish army and allied gangs attacked Afrin’s Sarinckê village at 06:00 Sunday morning. Fighters of the YPG/YPJ (People’s/Women’s Defense Units) inflicted a heavy blow on the invading forces and repelled their attacks.

YPJ fighter Viyan Tolhildan who took part in the battle here stated that as many as 200 members of the Turkish army and gangs under their command attacked the village in the morning. She said the village was concurrently targeted by aerial bombardments and artillery attacks.

Viyan Tolhildan told that they encircled the invading forces from three sides and ensuing clashes lasted for three hours. She said dozens of soldiers and gang members were killed during the fighting, after which the remaining groups withdrew from the area.

YPJ fighter stressed that they will achieve victory over the Turkish army and its gangs in Afrin.