16-year-old subjected to systematic rape by policemen and officials in Van

16-year-old Y., who was raped for about 3 years in the Muradiye district of Van province, lodged a complaint against 40 people, including policemen.

Y., a 16-year-old student at Muradiye Nizamettin Aktaş High School, was first habituated to drugs and then sexually abused in a systematic way since the end of 2019. The teen was suspended from school on the grounds that she was a drug addict. 40 people, including policemen and officials, raped Y. for years, blackmailing her with the pictures they had taken.


The sexual assault case was revealed about 4 days ago. After a person heard the cries of Y. as she was raped in an abandoned building called the police crime line, policemen arrived at the scene and detained 6 people. While two of the detainees were released on bail, the other four remain under detention.


Taken to the police station, Y. spoke in detail of what she had been through for years. She gave a prosecutor the names of 40 people, including 7 police officers, District Governor's officers and some local politicians. In her police statement, Y. revealed who had raped her and who had habituated her to drugs. Y. also informed that while she was studying at school, her physical education teacher forced her to have sexual intercourse with another public official after deceiving her that he would take her to a competition.


After the case was brought to court, it came out that some politicians and officials living in the district put pressure on both the young woman's family and the judiciary, suggesting that "Let's not defame our district, let's cover it up." The family is reportedly forced to keep the incident secret and not to reveal it to the press.

As the investigation into the incident continues, Y. has been handed over to the Van Section of Social Services.