27 women from Deir ez-Zor join SDF

39 female fighters completed their military training in Martyr Ruken Academy and deployed to their units. 27 of them are from Deir ez-Zor.

Deir ez-Zor is home to patriarchal communities and the role of women in social life is very limited. But after some parts of the region were liberated by Syrian Defence Forces, women were encouraged to take part in social life and also the defence of the country.

Of the 39 women who completed their military training in Martyr Ruken Academy, 27 are from Deir ez-Zor.

SDF commander Sema Seddadi congratulated the fighters in the final ceremony of the military cycle. Another SDF commander Rojda Siyar and YPG-YPJ fighters also attended the ceremony.

The female fighters swore-in by repeating the oath of SDF and deployed to their military units.

The military training cycle of women was named after Martyr Evin, who was killed during clashes in Panaroma Boulevard in Heseke.