43 new recruits complete training cycle and join YPJ ranks

The Martyr Nejbir academy saw the graduation of 43 YPJ fighters who attended political and military training in the Martyr Şilan education cycle.

The Martyr Nejbir Academy saw the graduation of 43 YPJ fighters who attended political and military training in the Martyr Şilan education cycle. The cycle ended with a military ceremony. The Kurdish and Arab fighters made oaths with the power and morale they received from the education.

YPJ commander Evindar Afrin gave a closing speech at the ceremony and said: "We started the academy in an extraordinary period and we have successfully completed it, we are devoting this training cycle to Leader Apo, all the revolutionary martyrs and all the comrades here. We are strengthening and growing our power every day against this attack of today's ruling forces on the lands of Kurdistan and their attempts to besiege Kurdistan day by day.

This training will be an opportunity to raise the lines of our martyr comrades further. Just as how comrade Arin raised the line of the free women's resistance, today Avesta Xabur became a symbol of free women's resurrection. And the resisting women spirit, especially those of our comrades who joined with the sacrificial spirit, will always exist. We give the oath that we will defeat the Turkish state with a great resistance against the fascist attacks of the Turkish state. No matter with whichever method the enemy attacks, we will all resist with the spirit of Avesta and protect our people and Afrin under all conditions. This is a response to the attacks on Afrin."

Arab YPJ fighter Delila Deir Ez-Zor: I am very happy to be getting this education, we have come to this level as woman. We did not know the truth about women and their history, we have learned in this training. We especially learned the military culture as women. I hope that all women will join and learn this fact of life. This education has created a strong concentration in our ideological, political and military aspects. I will join with the spirit of Martyr Avesta for the freedom of women against the attacks on Afrin, for the freedom of my country. My goal and purpose is to fight in the frontline of the Afrin resistance.

Arab YPJ fighter Jinda Qamişlo: We learned a lot in this training. As women, we got to know our power and saw the courage existing in the woman. I say that we will protect our people and our country against the attacks of the ruling Turkish state against Afrin, with the spirit of Martyr Avesta.

YPJ fighter Dılbirin Tolhıldan: I learned a lot in this training and developed many parts of myself. The YPJ and YPG resistance against the attacks on Afrin gave the people a big morale. Our strength is growing with the support of our people. We will fight Erdogan until he kneels down.

Berçem Dıbesiye: In this training we learned a lot of truths. Being worthy of our comrades of and taking on their struggles. The action of comrade Martyr Avesta is the symbol of our resistance line. We will resist in her path and reach victory.

After the oaths given by the YPJ fighters, the ceremony ended with great morale and enthusiasm, accompanied by traditional folk dance (halay).