8 March celebrations in Gothenburg and Örebro

International Working Women Day was celebrated with demonstrations, panels and conferences, including Kurdish women in Gothenburg and Örebro, Sweden.

Kurdish women left their mark on three consecutive days of actions and activities in Gothenburg, local media gave wide coverage to Kurdish women who participated in the actions demanding the end of violence against women and equality.


The first event in the city was organized on Friday by the Rojava Committee. The conference held at a school focused on the Rojava revolution and recent developments in Northeast Syria.

It was stated that Kurdish women were leading the Rojava revolution and women played important roles in the governments formed by people of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

It was pointed out that women who resisted ISIS mercenaries were at the forefront of the struggle against the Turkish state, and its attempt to destroy what Kurds have achieved.

Women then came together at Masthuggtorget Square on Saturday. They marched through streets and squares until late in the night with the slogan "Reclaim the night".

In the actions, banners condemning the capitalist system and male violence were opened, and slogans denouncing rape and violence against women were chanted.

The demonstration on Sunday was promoted by "Women's Association for Gothenburg Integration", "Reclaim the Night" and "Down with fascism, long live feminism" and kicked off in Beltespennar Park.

More than 300 people marched towards Jerntorget square shouting slogans such as "Down with capitalism", "6 hours workday", "Equal rights, equal pay" and "Down with sexism".

Speaking on behalf of Kurdish women Fadime Düzgün drew attention to the role of Kurdish women who are at the forefront of the struggle for equality and freedom in the Middle East and Turkey. Düzgün emphasized the importance of all women to unite and fight against fascism and violence against women.


The 8 March event, which was promoted by 18 associations and organizations, including the Women's Houses, Left Party, the youth organization of the Social Democratic Workers' Party, Social Democratic Women, Left Party, NCDK and Barin Women's Association, was held at Slottsparken.

Speaking on behalf of the Barin Women's Association, Zozan Baransson pointed out that the capitalist and feudal system was the source of violence against women and talked about the struggle of women for equality and freedom in Rojava.

Drawing attention to the fact that Kurdish women have made great achievements by paying heavy prices in Rojava and Northern Kurdistan, Baransson called on all women's organizations to support the struggle of women in Kurdistan.

Speaking on behalf of the Women's Houses, Gun Hedlund emphasized the importance of women's unifity and struggle against the increasing violence against women.

After the demonstration, a seminar on women's struggle in Rojava was held at the Workers' Training Union (ABF) restaurant. The women got information about the Jinwar Village founded by women in Rojava.