Activists in Duisburg and Fribourg protest violence against women

Activists protested violence and murders of women during the coronavirus pandemic.

Violence against women and the murders of women were protested in Duisburg and Fribourg.


Kurdish women gathered in Duisburg to protest violence against women.

The 7th action organised by the Martyr Asya Yüksel Women's Council was held in Avendunkplatz.

A statement was read by Amara Tolhildan on behalf of Martyr Asya Yüksel Women's Council.


An action was organised in Fribourg, Switzerland, by the Bern Mizgin women's Council and the Fribourg Women's Commune.

During the coronavirus epidemic women's clothes and shoes were arranged at the train station to draw attention to the increasing violence against women and the murders of women.

Women said in their speeches that "violence against women as well as murders increased during the pandemic period in Europe and this again showed that houses are no safe places for women and children."

Women also condemned the political genocide operations and arrests carried out by the Turkish state against Rosa Women's Association.