Afghan and Kurdish women to work together against Turkish and Iranian attacks

RAWA strongly condemned the attacks by Turkey and Iran against the Kurdish people and said that the Kurdish women's revolution has become a source of hope for all women in the Middle East.

In its message to the Eastern Kurdistan Free Women's Community (KJAR), RAWA (Revolutionary Women's Association of Afghanistan) condemned the attacks carried out by the Turkish and Iranian states and expressed solidarity to the resistance by the Kurdish people, especially women, against them.

RAWA noted that the struggle and revolution of the Kurdish women have become a source of hope for all women in the Middle East.

The message said: "Women from Afghanistan and Kurdistan will work together against these attacks. This is not the first time that the fascist Turkish state has carried out attacks. Turkey has been targeting the Kurdish people for years, killing dozens of Kurdish women fighters. However, countries around the world do not take any stance against this crime and choose silence. Afghan women defend the same cause as Kurdish women. That's why we support the struggle of Kurdish women against oppression and occupation. We also condemn the recent execution of four Kurdish prisoners by the Iranian regime."