Afrin women vow they will return home

Afrin Canton Kongreya Star spokesperson, Şirîn Hesen, said that the return to Afrin will happen freely and based on organization.

The Afrin Canton Kongreya Star women's organization held its annual meeting on 31 August at the culture and arts center in Ehdas, Shehba with the slogan "Raising the women's struggle is the guarantee of Leader Öcalan's freedom". 150 delegates attended the meeting and evaluated their annual work.

Afrin Canton Kongreya Star spokesperson Şirîn Hesen told ANHA: "At the meeting, Leader Öcalan's perspectives, the annual report, immigration situation, co-chairmanship system and the struggle to return to Afrin were discussed."

Hesen added: "Since the Turkish state's fascist policies are failing, it attacks Kurdish gains even harder. The hegemonic powers want to carry out a genocide of the Kurdish people through the Turkish state. A relentless struggle is being waged in the four parts of Kurdistan against the genocidal policy carried out against the Kurdish people. The embargo policy of the Baath Regime on the people of Afrin is carried out with the same extermination aim."

Hesen continued: “The main thing for us is to take care of the refugees from Afrin, self-education and the education of women. In our meeting, the issues of education, co-chairmanship system and co-existence were discussed extensively in terms of how the communes and assemblies of Afrin people will be run, as well as the communes and assemblies in Shehba. Moreover, the change and transformation of society is the duty and responsibility of Kongreya Star members and workers. As people of Afrin, we are resisting in order to return to Afrin. However, at our congress, it was stated that a return to Afrin could only be possible with self-power and self-organization. As long as the invading Turkish state and its mercenaries are in Afrin, women will not return there. The Turkish state mercenaries kidnap local people and especially women every day. This mentality will be responded to with the struggle for revenge, resistance and organization by Afrin women.”