Akıncı: Special war targets women

HDP Nusaybin provincial co-chair Şindar Akıncı said that the reason for the increase in harassment and abuse cases after the self-government processes in Mardin is the concept of special war.

HDP Nusaybin (Nisêbîn) provincial co-chair Şindar Akıncı said that the attack within the scope of the special war concept was two-dimensional and emphasized that the female body, identity and culture were targeted.

The court hearing of Eyüp K., who was found to have molested four children in Nusaybin, was held on 30 October. Although the statements, camera recordings and other findings about the harassment, which emerged when the two victimized girls told their school counselors about their experiences, were evidence of how the incident developed, the court decided that Eyüp K should be tried without detention.

Şindar Akıncı stated that the increase in harassment cases by uniformed officials should be considered as a pillar of specific policies implemented in the region and emphasized that the reason for the increase in harassment, abuse and prostitution cases after the self-governance processes in Mardin (Mêrdîn) was the special war concept. Akıncı said, "The attack is two-dimensional, targeting the female body on one side and identity and culture on the other. These men do this knowing that nothing will happen to them. In their court defenses, they swear allegiance to the homeland, nation and flag. They are released, and most of the time they do not receive any punishment. Instead they get encouragement, protection, reward."

They know that nothing will happen to them

Most recently, it was revealed that a young woman was forced to act as a spy in Dêrik and that the woman was harassed by a village guard. Akıncı said: "We saw in the incident in Nusaybin that the harassing person was released. The lawyer's defense style was similar to previous ones. These people know that if they do such a thing, nothing will happen to them, they will not receive any punishment. They will literally be rewarded."

The increase is not a coincidence

Şindar Akıncı pointed out that the practices of the special war concept in Kurdistan changed style, size and quality according to periods, and emphasized that state policies towards the female body increased after the self-governance process.

Akıncı underlined that the increase in incidents such as violence, harassment and abuse against women in Nusaybin, which was declared as the 'Women's City' during the co-mayorship of Ayşe Gökkan, is not a coincidence and continued as follows: “Concepts are changing hands, changing shape. Assimilation and harassment of women are known. For years, the naked bodies of people who died in the conflict, especially women, were displayed. They wanted to humiliate a people over this. In Mardin, there has been an increase in harassment, abuse and violence cases since the self-government process in 2016. Almost all of the perpetrators are uniformed harassers. It is necessary to read these events in Nusaybin within the current special war concept.

One of the areas opened under the special war concept in Kurdistan is the encouragement of Turkish soldiers to establish relationships with young women in the region. Under the name of 'love', state forces and young women are encouraged to get together. These relationships are tried to be legitimized with statements such as 'Love knows no borders, love has no nation'. However, we know that our young women who find themselves in this network of relationships do not have the right to live with their identities and cultures. Absolute obedience and renounce to their identity are required. Nusaybin does not have a ground where state forces can establish such relations. Eyüp K. not only knows this, but also has more perverted ambitions. He did not introduce himself as a staff sergeant. He said that he was a new engineer in the region and asked the people he harassed to give him directions. This is how he pulled into his car. We will not remain silent about this particular concept of war waged over the female body."