Andrea Wolf Group releases "Canción sin miedo" for Nagihan Akarsel

Inspired by the lyrics of the song "Canción sin miedo" (Courage), the Andrea Wolf Group sang this song again for Nagihan Akarsel and all the women murdered.

Vivir Quintana released the song “Canción sin miedo” in March 2020 with 60 Mexican women. The lyrics of this song, about the massacres of women in South America, were a source of inspiration for the Andrea Wolf Group.

The Andrea Wolf Group, consisting of members of the Qamişlo Canton Jineology Research Center, sang for Nagihan Akarsel (Zîlan), a member of the Jineology Research Center who was murdered in Sulaymaniyah on 4 October 2022, and for all women murdered.

The Andrea Wolf Group, consisting of 12 people, includes German, Spanish, Catalan and American women. Internationalist women also helped with the shooting and editing of the video, which was shot in the city of Dêrîk.

The song ends with these words: “For all the mothers fighting in Rojava, for all the comrades fighting in the mountains, for the many women imprisoned, for the revolutionary guerrillas, we sing fearlessly, we scream for every loss to fulfil justice. Let it resonate loudly: we want each other alive. The world will shake, today, comrade Zîlan for you, the world will shake, today, comrade Zîlan for you.”

Latin American Jiyan Bengin said that they did not sing the song only as a commemoration. "From Bakur to Rojhilat and Bashur Kurdistan, many women who are fighting for freedom are murdered and this has now reached the level of normalization. In a world where there is so much violence, injustice and rape, there is no reaction."

Jiyan Bengin continued: "They want us to forget the attack on women and women's resistance as if they were ordinary daily events. In fact, the current picture is terrifying. Why are so many women being targeted? With this song, we draw attention to the fact that violence still exists. This song is proof that we stand upright against fascism with our struggle and insistence, emphasizing that the murdered women live with us.”

Spanish internationalist Xweza Debin said: "The only reason for the massacre of women is our very identity. Martyr Zilan was a member of the Jineology Academy. Jineology is a self-defense tool for women. An attack was carried out on the self-defense mechanism of the woman in the person of Martyr Zîlan. We sang the song for all the women who were killed in the person of Martyr Zilan.”