Another social leader killed in Colombia

The Fundación Social Cordoberxia denounced the murder of social leader María Del Pilar Hurtado Montaño, 34, in Tierralta, Córdoba (Colombia).

María del Pilar Hurtado was one of the persons declared a military target in a threatening pamphlet distributed by the paramilitary Colombian Gaitanist Self-Defense Groups (AGC) at beginning of the month of June.

The murder occurred in the early hours of the morning when María del Pilar was preparing to start her job as a recycler. She was attacked by armed men and gunned down in front of her son.

This murder followed that of yet another social leader and two former FARC guerrillas who were in the process of reincorporation. The two young men were part of the information team set up by the FARC party.