Argentinian women launch campaign to protest Turkish use of chemical weapons

The Committee of Women in Solidarity with Kurdistan of Argentina launched a campaign to protest the Turkish use of chemical weapons.

The Committee of Women in Solidarity with Kurdistan of Argentina met to analyze the situation that women and the Kurdish people are experiencing, in the face of new accusations of the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish government and its allies, and to propose a "coordinated campaign on the continent that allows joining efforts and amplifying the voices that shout Ya Enough!"

In a statement, the Argentinian women said: "It became clear in the analysis that the fascist governments, especially the Turkish government headed by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, unable to break the resistance of the women and people of Kurdistan, resort to greater cruelty, including the use of chemical weapons, which is expressly prohibited by international treaties."

The Committee of Women in Solidarity with Kurdistan is preparing a report detailing the atrocities that are being committed, and consequently calls for the preparation of a major international campaign against the use of chemical weapons against the people of Kurdistan, to be developed with different initiatives during the month of November.

The proposal, said the women, is to "replicate the information, the complaint, raise awareness in each of the cities, hold a press conference on Thursday, November 10, march with this slogan added to all the others against violence against women on November 25, and culminate in acts and concentrations on November 30, proclaimed by the UN as the Day of Commemoration of all the Victims of Chemical Weapons."