Asya Abdullah: Our revolution is for all women

Asya Abdullah, co-chair of the PYD spoke at the Women's Revolution Forum which opened with a video on leading women of the Rojava Revolution.

The second panel at the Women's Revolution Forum was called "10 years of the women's revolution". Asya Abdullah, co-chair of the PYD said: “In 2012, women's movements and organizations such as Kongra Star determined a strategy to start the revolution and fight against the nationalist and dominant mentality. The legacy of this 2012 revolution is the result of the struggle of revolutionary women like Zîlan, Şîlan and Dîcle, who fell as martyrs in the 80s, and hundreds of women who walked down the path of freedom to protect women. For this reason, we can say that the revolution gave women in Rojava the opportunity to have courage and power. When the spark of the Rojava Revolution started, the ground was ready for women to carry out their own revolution. Kongra Star (formerly Yekîtiya Star) in 2013 discussed the methods of leading the women-led revolution. They began to prepare for the revolution and for a strategy in two directions. This is how women's identity and protection was established."

At the opening of the forum, a video was shown to commemorate the women who gave their lives for the revolution. Because, said the organizers of the Forum, 10 years of Women's Revolution have become reality through the struggle and the commitment of thousands of martyrs.