At least 17 women killed in May, says 'We Will Stop Femicides Platform'

We Will Stop Femicides Platform (KCDP) announced that at least 17 women were killed in May and 20 died in suspicious circumstances in May.

According to 'We Will Stop Femicides Platform' (KCDP) 17 women were killed in May, in Turkey. Two of the women were killed by their sons, one by a relative, one by her father, 7 by their husbands, 3 by their ex-husbands, one by her boyfriend and one by her ex-boyfriend.

While 10 of 17 women (59 percent) were killed in their homes, 2 of them were killed on the street, one in a wasteland and one in an open space. It could not be detected where 3 women were killed.

According the same report, 20 women died in suspicious circumstances. The report said: “Violence against women gains new dimensions and continues due to lack of any effort to find the perpetrators and the reason for murders. There is a lack of fair trial as well as lack of any preventive measures. The state is not only responsible for announcing femicides and women’s suspicious deaths but it should also work to prevent and stop femicides. We will continue to struggle to call on all of relevant ministries and all institutional mechanisms to take action and fulfil their responsibility.” 


According to KCDP, at least 84 women were killed in the months of January, March, April and May. The KCDP had not announced the figures for the month of February, in order to prevent "people to get used to numbers.”