At least 256 women killed in ten months in Turkey

At least 256 women died as a result of murder and at least 197 women died in suspicious circumstancesfrom January to October 2020.

The Socio-Political Field Research Center published its 10-month Report on Femicide. The report covers the months from January to October 2020 and underlined that at least 256 women died as a result of murder and at least 197 women died in suspicious circumstances in the 10-month period.

The report was compiled comparing data obtained from many agencies, sites and publications, including We Will Stop Femicide, Bianet, Jînnews, Mezopotamya Agency.

According to the data in the report the top three cities for number of deaths recorded as femicide are Istanbul (37), Izmir (19) and Antalya (13). The provinces where no femicide was reported in the media were Artvin, Bayburt, Hakkari, Karaman, Malatya, Siirt, Tokat and Dersim.

Istanbul also was the first city when it came to women who died in suspicious circumstances (19), followed by Antalya (18) Amed (11) Aydın (11) and Mardin (10).

The report said that 37.9 percent of the murdered women were killed by their husband of former husband, 18.4 percent by acquaintances / relatives, and 16 percent by the man they were together with.

The report added that 57.8 percent of the women were killed by firearms, 27.3 percent by cutting tools, 6.6 percent by drowning and 3.5 percent by battering. In 3.5 percent of the murders it was not established how the victims were killed.

Looking at the data on how femicide occurred year by year, the report said that there is a direct relationship between the increase in femicide / massacre and the increase in personal arms possession.

In addition, 54.3 percent of the women were killed at home, 33.6 percent in the street, workplace, hairdresser, park, public places.

It could not be determined where 12.1 percent of the women were killed.