Call for participation in the Cologne demo in solidarity with the women-led uprising in Rojhilat

The Kurdish women's Movement in Germany calls for participation in the demonstration to be staged in Cologne on Saturday in support of the revolutionary uprising led by women in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan).

In support of the "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî" revolution in Iran, a demonstration will take place in Cologne on Saturday, 28 January. The action is organised by a cooperation of left-wing, democratic and freedom-loving forces, which wants to make the revolutionary awakening in Iran and the resistance in Kurdistan and Balochistan heard. The Kurdish Women's Movement in Germany (YJK-E) supports the demonstration and calls for participation, stating the following:

"An anti-feminist rollback is taking place around the world to undo rights won by women. This policy includes feminicide, violence against women and the banishment of women from the public sphere and results from the war that the dominant masculinity has declared against women. From Latin America to Europe to the Middle East, a systemic type of woman is meant to be created. Women's resistance is meant to be broken by creating a climate of fear with political attacks. We encounter this system in different forms in different places around the world, but it is based on the same politics when it comes to women.

In Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan), a revolutionary uprising led by women began with the murder of Jina Amini and has been going on for five months. Despite thousands of arrests, hundreds of deaths and executions carried out and threatened, the people of Rojhilat and Iran are not bowing to the Mullah's regime and are responding with resistance to the increasing repression.

The women's uprising in Rojhilat has enlarged the 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' philosophy and taken it to a universal level. Women's struggles worldwide are inspired by it and draw new breath. As Kurds, we have always considered the resistance of oppressed, marginalised and enslaved women around the world as our own struggle.

For this reason, we want to support the women in Rojhilat and Iran and show our solidarity in Cologne on 28 January. Next Saturday, we will echo our slogan 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' on the streets of Cologne. We invite all women and all our people to contribute with their voices and hearts."

The demonstration will start at 1 pm at Neumarkt.