'Comradeship overcomes all difficulties'

YJA STAR guerrillas said that the mountains had many difficulties but these difficulties are overcome through comradeship within the PKK.

YJA STAR guerrillas underlined that the comradeship experienced in the guerrilla lifestyle despite the harsh conditions, is facilitated by the power of the PKK.

The guerrillas said: "Just as the love of the country and the love of the land is a social love, the comradeship love within the PKK is also a social love."

YJA STAR guerrilla Rengîn, said that it was this comradeship that ensured her to have the will and love despite all the difficulties of life in the PKK. She said that life is easier with the power of comreadeship even though guerrilla lifestyle is carried out under harsh conditions.

Rengîn, who said that being greeted with joy after the return from a very difficult task made them leave all the difficulties behind, remarked that: "The sacrifice, the love of comrades and respect for each other are all features you can see in the PKK. It's sincerity knitted with love. Just as the love of the country and the land is a social love, the comradeship love within the PKK is also social love. Distances are not an obstacle to our comradeship."

Guerrilla Awaz Dilovan pointed out that the PKK comradeship has developed a desire to start many things and added that the relations of comradeship have developed strongly thanks to the criticism and self-criticism mechanism.

"The mountains have many difficulties, - she said - but these difficulties are overcome by the  comradeship lived within the PKK. The beauty and harmony in the PKK life allow you to face struggle better. Difficulties are getting easier with comrade love."

Arîn Ereb said that among the YJA STAR guerrillas, the biggest factor in guerrilla life, war, and mountains, is PKK comradeship. "When asked what is friendship, the first thing that comes to mind is trust in your comrade without thinking. When we look at our friend's eyes, we forget all tiredness while on duty. Our struggle will never weaken as long as there are strong ties with the PKK comradeship."