Confessions of two ISIS terrorists involved in numerous killings and terrorist acts

SDF published the confessions of two of the most dangerous terrorists of ISIS, who brought murder and terror to the North-East Syrian regions.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) published the confessions of two of the most dangerous terrorists of ISIS, who brought murder and terror to North-East Syria regions and were arrested by the SDF recently.

The confessions of the two ISIS terrorists, in the capture of whom the people in Deir ez-Zor played a vital role, are as follows:

The first terrorist said, “My name is Allawi Abdullah al-Khalaf, and I live in the town of Abu Hamam in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor. I first learned about ISIS in late 2017, before its geographical presence ended, and then I pledged allegiance to it. One of the ISIS members who was not arrested was called ‘Abu Ahmed.’ He sent me a person named ‘Abu Aisha’, so I went with him to the village of ‘Al-Jardhi’ to meet ‘Abu Ahmed.’

He continued, “During my meeting with ‘Abu Ahmed,’ he told me he was establishing a group affiliated with ISIS in the town of Abu Hamam. I was the only one from Abu Hamam, so I agreed to his request and said, ‘I have no problem.’ Later, I met ‘Abdul Ghani Al-Hamada’ and another member named ‘Ahmed Al-Jassem.’

After a while, ‘Abu Ahmed’ was captured by the Syrian Democratic Forces, so ‘Abdul-Ghani’ communicated with a person from the town of Abu Hardoub named ‘Kassar Al-Sawadi,’ who sent us money to purchase a motorcycle for operations, an AK-47 rifle, and a 7 mm military pistol with a silencer.

In the final phase of Operation Enhancing Security launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the first operation I carried out was the assassination of ‘Khalil Al-Ibrahim,’ an SDF fighter, in the town of ‘Gharanij.’ The second operation targeted the fighter Suleiman Awad Al-Lato, also an SDF fighter. We planted an IED at the main gate of the Civil Council in Abu Hamam, causing only material damage. In the fourth operation, we targeted the Civil Council official, ‘Zinar,’ but he was not harmed.”

The terrorist continued recounting other operations:”We targeted the fighter ‘Bassam al-Qassam’ in Abu Hardoub, and the fighter ‘Ibrahim al-Muhammad,’ also an SDF fighter. We also targeted the pharmacist Abdul Hamid in Abu Hardoub, who cooperated with the Civil Council and military forces. Additionally, we targeted another fighter in Abu Hamam, and the elite forces fighter Jamal al-Salt in Abu Hamam, where I shot him twice in the head while riding a motorcycle, killing him instantly.”

The terrorist Abdullah explained that he also targeted a person named Ayman Al-Diyaf, a relief official in the town of Abu Hamam. He said, “I was standing at the café junction in the market when Ayman drove by in a Jeep, so I followed him.” At the Abu Hamam intersection, Abdullah fired two bullets at Ayman’s head, killing him instantly. He also targeted Asmar Al-Malik, an SDF fighter, while Asmar was riding a motorcycle on the company road in Abu Hamam. Abdullah ambushed him at the Abu Hardoub junction on the main street and shot him.

After deciding to leave the area, Abdullah and his accomplice Muhammad saw two fighters entering a shop. Abdullah said to Muhammad, “Let’s go towards the fighters.” As soon as the fighters entered the shop, they followed, and Abdullah shot them with a 9 mm pistol.

Continuing his confessions, Abdullah said, “After those operations, I headed to the town of ‘Gharanij. On the way, I passed an Internal Security Forces (Asayish) point. I parked my motorcycle outside and entered the center. Some members were sitting in the courtyard, so I opened fire, killing one and wounding another, then fled immediately. I also encountered an Internal Security Forces patrol car with several members inside and two civilians in the back seat. I opened fire, killing two Internal Security Forces members and Ismail Al-Laban, the fuel official in Abu Hamam.”

He also targeted the Al-Sanour checkpoint with a LAW missile and attacked it again with an AK-47 rifle, emptying an entire magazine. Abdullah didn’t know who was killed in the attack. He targeted a fighter driving a Toyota Land Cruiser truck, killing him instantly.

Abdullah added, “We targeted a logistics vehicle in Gharanij, killing one member and wounding another, while the third was unharmed. We then targeted a fighter named Akash from Abu Hamam in Gharanij, killing him instantly. Another SDF fighter in Abu Hamam was only injured. We also targeted Ali Hussein Al-Hilani, who worked with the SDF, and killed him directly. We targeted Nasser Al-Osman, a prominent clan figure.”

Abdullah admitted that most of his operations were carried out without monitoring or follow-up, targeting victims on public roads using motorcycles or cars. Some victims were civilians who refused to pay the so-called “Zakat.” Vehicles belonging to those who did not pay were targeted, regardless of whether they were notable, civilian, or military.

Regarding his last operation, Abdullah said, “An officer informed us that Uday al-Malik was refusing to pay zakat, so we burned some of his vehicles. A person named Abu Khaled in Al-Jardhi monitored people and places for our operations. He told us that tankers would arrive at nine in the morning to fill their tanks with oil, so we headed to Al-Jardhi Al-Sharqi to monitor the road to the irrigation area leading to the oil field. Abdul Ghani and Muhammad positioned themselves about 200 meters ahead of us. We planned to target the tankers only. However, a military patrol car passed by, and Abdul Ghani and Muhammad targeted it. The car stopped about fifty meters away, and the patrol members began shooting at us as we tried to escape. We entered an alley, but a civilian jeep driver started shooting at us. We were pursued, and Abdul Ghani was killed while Muhammad was injured in the hand. The incident lasted about an hour.”

The other terrorist said during his confessions, “My name is Muhammad Musa Al-Askar, from the town of Gharanij, I learned about ISIS in 2021 through a man named “Abu Aisha” and participated in several military operations.”

The first operation involved targeting an SDF fighter in the city of Hajin with “Abu Youssef” using a pistol. The second operation was targeting a military vehicle on the road to Al-Bahra, where only one fighter was injured. In the third operation, Al-Askar and Abu Youssef planted an explosive device for a regiment commander named “Abu Al-Abd” along his daily route. The fourth operation involved targeting a large cargo vehicle with Abu Youssef and Abu Dargham. They attacked it while driving a jeep, but caused no damage. They also targeted a cargo vehicle with SDF fighters on board after receiving an AK-47 rifle from “Hamad Al-Korgia.” In this attack, Abu Youssef fired about half a magazine, injuring only one fighter before they fled the scene.

Al-Askar recounted, “Abu Youssef was once carried on a motorcycle driven by an SDF fighter to assassinate him, but the fighter managed to deliver Abu Youssef to the first SDF checkpoint.” After Abu Youssef was captured, Al-Askar fled to Lebanon and stayed there until May 2022. Upon returning to his area, he reconnected with ISIS members and applied to rejoin. His personal information was confirmed by “Farouk,” “Abdul Ghani Al-Fadaan,” and “Khaled Allawi.”

Al-Askar described further operations after his return. “The first operation was targeting a logistics vehicle in Gharanij, killing one fighter and injuring another. The next operation during Ramadan targeted a truck with two fighters onboard, killing one. Another operation targeted an Internal Security Forces vehicle in the Abu Hamam market, killing two Asayish members and a civilian. ‘Khaled,’ ‘Sabr,’ and ‘Mahidi’ participated in this operation.”

Regarding a failed operation to target oil tanks, Al-Askar confessed, “We went to ‘Abu Khaled Al-Jardhi’ to plan the attack. On the road, we encountered several SDF fighters. Khaled killed two of them in a grocery store. Continuing on the Al-Rai road (M4), we targeted a passing military truck, but the fighters shot back, forcing us to escape. A civilian jeep followed us until we reached a roadblock. We were armed, and the person following us was also armed. We tried to persuade him to leave us alone, but he was a soldier and managed to capture ‘Allawi.’ We hit him, causing him to fall, but another civilian intervened, and I also hit him. As we attempted to escape on a motorcycle, armed civilians surrounded us and started shooting at us. ‘Farouk’ was killed, and I was shot in the hand. I tried to hide the weapon, but a Syrian Democratic Forces patrol arrived and captured me.”