Day of action against feminicide in Berlin

Like every last Saturday of the month, the Network Against Feminicide organized a day of action against patriarchal violence in Berlin today.

The campaign "Network against Feminicide" has organized this Saturday again a day of action against patriarchal violence under the motto "We want us alive". The venue was once again the Resistance Square in Wedding, which until its inauguration in January was still called Nettelbeck Square. Joachim Nettelbeck, who gave the square his name, was captain of ships on which thousands of people were enslaved, abducted and murdered. The network organizes a day of action against feminicide every last Saturday of the month. The next time on June 26.

The campaign "Network against Feminicide" was proclaimed last year by collectives and self-organized groups of the feminist movement in Berlin at the demonstration of the alliance of internationalist feminists for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25.

"We fight internationalist, anti-racist and anti-colonial. Our slogan: class struggle against patriarchy. Our origins and identities may be different, but we are united by a common aspiration for a society oriented toward the common good rather than profits. Self-organization is our means, but also one of our many goals," the network says about the self-understanding.

Workshop by Dziewuchy Berlin on feminist struggles in Poland

Today started in the morning with a common square beautification action. Afterwards, the Polish queer-feminist collective "Dziewuchy Berlin" held a workshop on feminist struggles in Poland. Childcare and simultaneous translations into Turkish, English, Kurdish and Spanish had been provided in advance. Afterwards there was live music. Mathilde and Blake & Paul and Liaam provided the contributions.

Performance "Canción sin Miedo" - The "Song without Fear”

The successful day of action was rounded off by a performance of the song "Canción sin Miedo" - the "song without fear". The song of the Ni una menos movement thematizes femicides in Latin America and has meanwhile turned into the anthem of the feminist struggles in Mexico. In Mexico, around ten women are murdered by men every day. According to a study by the Geneva-based research project Small Arms Survey, in 2016, among the 25 countries with the highest femicide rates were fourteen Latin American countries. In Mexico, feminicide has been a separate criminal offense since 2012. Among other things, the Network Against Feminicide is campaigning for feminicide to be introduced as a separate criminal offense in Germany as well.