DEM Party announces its women's local elections' manifesto

The DEM Party announced its women's local elections' manifesto, addressing issues such as ecology, women's cooperatives, barrier-free life, political academies and LGBTI+ people.

The Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) presented its women's local elections' manifesto, addressing issues such as ecology, women's cooperatives, barrier-free life, political academies and LGBTI+ people.

DEM Party Women's Assembly Spokesperson Halide Türkoğlu read the declaration titled "We will build local democracy with the will of women."

Some of the proposals included in the manifesto announced by Türkoğlu are as follows:

-We will produce common solutions to our common problems with solidarity and organization through the Women's Boards that we will establish together with all women's organizations, civil initiatives, neighborhood councils and municipal women's councils.

-With the co-chairmanship system, we will continue to strengthen the will of women in all areas of life, ensure their full participation in urban management processes and disseminate the understanding of democratic local government.

-We will continue to organize municipal and provincial council lists as one woman and one man, with our equal representation principle.

-We will expand regional, national and universal women's struggle, solidarity and partnership in local governments.

-We will strengthen the participation of all women in decision-making mechanisms by supporting the multi-identity, multi-cultural, multi-lingual structure of the localities with women's solidarity.

-We will continue to build the restructuring, protection, defense and permanence of social life with the values of equality and freedom, with pro-women policies and the principle of decentralization.

-We will effectively implement the principle of equal access to education in the mother tongue, urban planning, architecture, disaster coordination centers and urban services for all women living locally."

Addressing the issue of violence against women and how to counter it, the manifesto said: 

"-We established Women's Policy Departments in metropolitan cities, and Women's Desk, Women's Board, and Women's Policy Directorates in other provincial and district municipalities. We established Women's Economy, Combating Violence Against Women and Women's Education units, Women's Cooperatives and Women's Centers affiliated to these units. We will continue to strengthen all of these institutions and establish new ones in line with our needs.

-We will continue to form 'Municipal Women's Councils', consisting of elected officials and employees, to effectively include women in decision-making processes in municipalities. We will continue to develop the 'Women's Boards', 'Women's Coordinations' and 'Women-Men Equality Commissions', which include elected women and men, in order to carry out the practical work of 'the parliament within the parliament', which we have created to reflect on the women's perspective in all local policies.

-We will continue the practice of including provisions that include sanctions for employees who commit violence against women in collective agreements to be made in local governments.

-We will strengthen the unique organizations of young women in all units that determine women's policies; We will support their voice, authority and effective participation in decision-making mechanisms.

We will produce policies to socialize care labor against the male-dominated capitalist system's disregard of women's labor, and provide public nurseries, elderly, sick and disabled care services."