European Kurdish Women's Workshop to be held on September 5

The Kurdish women in Europe will organize a workshop on September 5 to discuss the problems caused by the occupation and national unity in Kurdistan.


Kurdish women will evaluate invasion attacks, plunder of underground treasures, destruction of nature, and militarism growing in the geography of Kurdistan.


In a statement about the workshop, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Women's Commission and the European Kurdish Women's Movement (TJK-E) pointed out that women are targeted through demographic change, migration, assimilation policies, and cutting off financial sources.

The statement emphasized that around two million Kurds are in Europe due to colonialism in Kurdistan. “The Kurdish people, most of whom are immigrants, lead a difficult and troubled life in Europe. The European states continue to ally with those who have occupied Kurdistan for their own commercial interests. Therefore the Kurdish women abroad should raise their voices.”

The KNK stated that the future of Kurdish women in Europe is related to the developments, wars and crises in Kurdistan. “For this reason, the situation of women in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Kurdistan will be the main topic at the workshop."

The KNK and the TJK-E underlined the need for national unity of the Yazidi, Alevi, Feyli, Zoroastrian, Horami, Yarsani, Kakai and Muslim communities in Kurdistan, adding, “Women from these communities also need to articulate their own problems and troubles.”

The statement said that one of the motives of the workshop should be to promote national unity among young women. “Because women can make use of current historic opportunities with a proper understanding of national unity.”

The statement pointed out that the crises in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria offer an opportunity for the Kurds to emancipate themselves from the occupation of these states. “There is a need for unity in order to do so. Politics that exclude women from national unity cannot be considered politics of national unity. During this workshop, women from political and social movements will exchange their views on women's approach to national unity. The women's workshop will be concluded with proposals, plans and projects for the solution of the problems raised in the workshop.”