Female prisoners stage riot in Urmia Prison, East Kurdistan

Three days ago, female prisoners in Urmia Prison staged a revolt against the escalating crackdown and burned blankets.

Women detainees in Urmia prison in East Kurdistan have been on strike for three days to protest the increasing crackdown and torture against prisoners.

It is reported the prison administration forced women prisoners to attend the courses offered by the administration.

The prison administration put a phone call ban on female prisoners who refused to participate in the courses. Moreover, the prisoners were allowed to take fresh air for only one hour.

Threats and ill-treatment against female prisoners have also been reported in the prison. Three days ago, female prisoners staged a revolt against the escalating crackdown and burned blankets.

It is reported that Iranian state officials tortured and threatened prisoners, putting them in cells.

While the women are continuing their resistance, they called for public awareness through their families.

There has been an increase in the violations of rights by the Iranian state in East Kurdistan. In its September report, the Kurdistan Human Rights Association (KMMK) raised concern over the increasing number of executions, murders, suicides, torture and detentions. According to the report, 3 detainees died suspiciously, one person was executed without trial, 8 kolbars were killed and 49 people were arrested last month.