First Jineology Conference to be held in Northern Syria

The Jineology Conference, which will be held on 12-13 January with the participation of women from every city in Northern Syria, aims to find a solution to social problems from the point of view of women in the light of scientific lectures.

The 1st Jineoloji Conference in Northern Syria will be held on 12-13 January. The conference will be held with the participation of two hundred delegates from all the cities of Northern Syria, mainly Aleppo, Shahba, Afrin, Raqqa, Tabqa, Ayn Issa, Manbij, Kobanê, Gre Spi, Serêkanîye and Hasakê. North Syria's rich people and faith in the integrity of the conference will also include Arab, Syriac, Armenian, Chechen, Turkmen and Kurdish women. International women from different nations will also be ready at the conference. Muslims, Êzidî, Christians and Alevi women, of different beliefs, will also participate in the conference.

Member of the Academy of Jineology, Zilan Su, who gave information about the conference, stated that preliminary preparations for the conference had been completed. Stating that they aimed to hold the conference with a rich composition of women, Zilan Su emphasized that the conference aims to bring Jineology to a mechanism that will be effective in all of Northern Syria.