Footage from the SDF operation in Hesekê

The operation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIS cells in Hesekê is continuing. The SDF fighters are searching for ISIS members in the evacuated neighbourhoods.

ISIS attacked the Sinaa prison in Hesekê on January 20 and tried to emancipate thousands of ISIS members in the prison.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria said that the Turkish state was directly linked to the ISIS attack on Hesekê.

In a statement this morning, the SDF announced that it had rescued 9 staff members of the prison, who were taken hostage by ISIS members inside the prison.

According to an earlier statement on January 24, 300 ISIS members who were besieged in the Sinaa Prison have surrendered. 8 more ISIS members are reported to have been killed in the operations in and around the prison.


According to a statement released by the SDF Press Centre on Tuesday (Jan. 25), 250 more ISIS members have surrendered and the number of those who surrendered has increased to 550.

Dozens of ISIS members have been killed since the beginning of the operation and most of the ISIS detainees who attempted to escape from the prison have been caught.

As a result of the ongoing operations, the SDF has gained more control in some sections of the prison.

Currently, the SDF and Internal Security Forces are continuing their operations against the prison and sleeper cells of the group in the eastern and southern parts of the Xiwêran neighbourhood.

Footage by ANF shows that the SDF fighters entered the houses in the evacuated neighbourhood one by one to search for ISIS fugitives.