Gülizar Ipek: Women have the power to change and transform society

Şahmaran Women's Platform member Gülizar Ipek said that women have the power to change and transform society equally and freely.

Drawing attention to the Rojava Revolution, Gülizar İpek from the Şahmaran Women's Platform noted that the struggle carried out by women in Iran and Turkey have the potential to overthrow the barbaric system mentality.

Speaking to ANF, Ipek reminded that a Kurdish woman, 22-year-old Jina Amini, was murdered by the Iranian moral police just because her hair was showing, and said: “We have seen once again how male states try to have a say over our bodies. Jina Amini was murdered in Iran, while Garibe Gezer, Gülistan Doku, Şule Çet and Deniz Poyraz were murdered in Turkey."

Resistance despite massacre

Ipek also said that women did not give up their resistance despite the massacres and added: “Only women decide whether our hair will be visible or not. Male states can no longer have a say over our bodies. All over the world, women are saying 'Jin jiyan azadi' in unison. We have also seen how the 'Jin jiyan azadi' philosophy of Kurdish women has become universal.”

Women leading protests in Iran

Expressing that women have the power to change and transform society, Ipek continued: “The reason for the increase in women's massacres, harassment and rape in Turkey is the misogynistic rhetoric and misogynistic policies of the AKP government. The mullah regime in Iran feeds on the same fascism. They feed off the mentality that exploits women's bodies and tries to keep women in their homes. There is the same mentality in Turkey and in Iran. They know that if the woman becomes free, the society becomes free. There is a very large serhildan in Iran right now. The male state also began to carry out a very serious massacre in order to suppress the serhildan. In Iran, executions began in the middle of the street. Despite this, people do not go into their homes. We are talking about a serhildan that started under the leadership of women.”

Rojava Revolution, a hope for women

Emphasizing that the Rojava Revolution is a hope for women all over the world, Ipek added: “The Rojava Revolution, led by women, is a women's revolution in which democracy, freedom and equality are embodied. The Rojava Revolution has given hope to all women of the world. It seriously demonstrated that this system could be changed. I believe that the serhildan in Iran will turn into a revolution. Women's resistance in Iran will be a hope for women, just like in Rojava. In Iran and Turkey, women will overthrow this system’s barbaric mentality.”