HDK Women's Assembly salutes Palestine Feminist Collective

The HDK Women's Assembly said in a written statement: "We salute the Palestine Feminist Collective, the struggle of our feminist comrades inside and outside Palestine."

In a written statement, the Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK) Women's Assembly said: "We, the Women’s Assemblies of the HDK in Turkey greet the Palestinian Feminist Collective to share our heartfelt support for our feminist comrades in and out of Palestine who act and speak for the freedom of Palestinians from years-long Israeli occupation on their lands and related Israeli military attacks.”

The statement added: “We are aware that Israeli state has been continuing in its apartheid policies in occupied lands, and it exacerbates its aggression against freedom-seeking Palestinians. We know that it is mostly the non-human animals and women-and- children who are mostly hit - in numbers and scales - by the pro-war policies of masculine and colonialist rulers. We hereby stand in solidarity with the Palestinian Feminist Collective as an act of transnational feminist solidarity. We know that feminist solidarity at transnational levels empowers us and reinforces our struggle for an equal and free world. We are determined to act for feminist struggle across borders.”