HDP: Poverty and violence against women increase during pandemic

The HDP Women's Council said that the AKP-MHP has turned the pandemic into an opportunity, and that poverty and violence against women have increased. The Council vowed to increase solidarity.

The HDP Women's Council said in a statement: "The AKP-MHP fascist regime is making an effort to keep the capital alive with the taxes paid by the people".

1 May

The statement said: "While the male-dominated capitalist system does not offer any solution to workers and women, on the other hand, it puts all responsibility on the people, especially women, by saying that everyone should take their own precautions to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

In the pandemic period, the exploitation of labor increased even more to sustain the male-dominated capitalist system. We will stand side by side on 1 May 2020, against those who do not hesitate to leave workers to death, condemn women to poverty and increase domestic exploitation of women to allow capital to live."

The HDP Women's Council added: "Social solidarity is tried to be prevented by 'creating a parallel state'. This is the mentality that sees itself as the master of society and the people as subjects. In short, the AKP-MHP fascist regime is making an effort to turn this great epidemic into a political took to serve its interests ignoring that this pandemic is resulting in the death of thousands of people."

The statement continued: "Thousands of women, including some with chronic diseases, are still left unprotected against the pandemic in prisons; murderers and rapists were released by the law of execution. Moreover, thousands of men committing crimes against women were released from prison without any precautions."

The statement ended with the following remarks: "By growing our women's solidarity against the AKP-MHP government, which is as dangerous as an epidemic, we will continue to be each other's voice.
Our Women's Council is determined to increase its organization and solidarity among women against the new attacks in this process that offers powerful opportunities as well as its challenges.

During this pandemic period, we will continue our work in the streets, neighborhoods and villages to improve our organization and stand side by side with women by taking the necessary measures. We established women's solidarity networks; we will continue the fight against violence, poverty and workers' rights on the street."