HDP women candidates: We will govern our cities and ourselves

The manifesto stressed that women will reaffirm the achievements they obtained through the struggle of thousands of women and workers and will regain possession of the cities taken from the legitimate elected mayors by the imposition of trustees.

HDP women candidates have released their election manifesto. In it the women reiterate that “against the AKP-MHP fascist alliance we will continue to establish a new life together by defending our democratic local government system.”

The women’s election manifesto was announced at a meeting in Amed (Diyarbakır) city.

The manifesto stressed that women will reaffirm the achievements they obtained through the struggle of thousands of women and workers and will regain possession of the cities taken from the legitimate elected mayors by the imposition of government-appointed trustees.

Women confirmed that they will “re-establish the co-presidency system targeted by the AKP’s male dominated system and will reopen the women's centers, women's shelters, women's living areas, women's labor markets, women's politics that have been closed by the AKP.”

The manifesto said: “The struggle for the freedom of women, the future of the peoples, the demand for the peace of millions are too vital to be left to the one-man regime. Our righteous struggle based on the human being, nature and the rights of labor is much stronger than their repressive power, much more radical.”

The manifesto continued: “We are preparing for an election where the ruling power targets women, is hostile to nature. We know that by strengthening our democratic alliances and solidarity networks, we will take back what was taken from us.

In our municipalities where we have increased the number at every election, we have opened the way for promises, authority and decision on local politics and our lives by implementing equal representation and co-presidency system.”

The manifesto confirmed that the HDP will “continue to implement co- presidency and equal representation effectively in all local government mechanisms in order to overcome the prevailing sectarian and male-dominated politics style and to democratize politics. We are committed to gender equality-sensitive budgeting at all levels of local government.”

Local Governance

HDP women confirmed that they will see that an ecological city planning is carried out which includes the right to life of women, health, education, housing, transportation, and security, considering women-oriented diversity and pluralism.

We will fight together against the policies of war, we will promote history, culture and nature, and we will fight the practices of forced migration through war and conflict and changing the demographic structure.”

The manifesto said: “In order to increase women's participation in the economy, we will establish Free Women Cooperatives where collective production is encouraged. As seasonal migration is female, we will develop our project to ensure women are not forced to migrate to work. We will implement the Jin Card / Women Card to be used on the buses connected to the municipalities in order to enable women to use the urban transport actively and freely.

In order to enable women to participate freely in both working life and in public life, we will continue to provide free language education and 24-hour nurseries in all neighborhoods, particularly in areas of high employment.”

Social gender equality

The manifesto promotes health as a right and not as a privilege.

Soil is not a place to occupy

Neoliberalism means that cities, towns and even villages reproduce male domination and social inequalities, said the manifesto adding that the HDP will revert this policy and promote social housing, green spaces and a better and peaceful environment where relations can be developed without the fear of the other, migrant, refugees etc.

Fight against poverty

The HDP women manifesto confirmed the fight against “poverty, violence and discrimination, cheap labor, bargaining in foreign policy and the imposition of human trafficking as the only fate for migrant / refugee women.

We will ensure that refugee women are granted all services, especially education, health services and shelters, which we offer in our local administrations. We will ensure they can also benefit from their mother tongue as their right.”

Policy to fight violence against women

The HDP manifesto confirmed the struggle against any kind of violence against women.

“The regime - said the manifesto - has closed women's centers, shelters and anti-violent mechanisms, and disables women's work and we will reopen and improve all these services.

· In municipalities, we will continue to open help lines in various languages on women violence.

· We will open a separate line for hearing impaired women.

· We will establish ’combat and advisory units against child neglect, abuse and incest.

· We will continue the implementation of sanctions to employees who commit violence against women in collective agreements in local governments.”