HDP Women’s Council says Ministry for Children's Rights needed

The HDP Women’s Council said the AKP government has fomented a reactionary mentality justifying abuse.

The HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Women’s Council has said that the forced “castration” proposal for child abuse offenders, actually is a simplified way to address the serious crime.

Instead, said the HDP Women's Council that the establishment of a Ministry for Children's Rights would help to solve the problems.

In a written statement the HDP Women’s Council addressed the latest cased of child abduction and violence and said that what is being experienced is actually a consequence of the women policy carried out by the AKP.

The AKP, said the statement, has not taken preventive measures for children's rights and has not been able to prevent cases of abduction and, even worse, of murders.

“Four-year-old Leyla Aydemir, - said the statement - disappeared in Ağrı on 15 June while eight-year-old Eylül Yağlıkara disappeared in Ankara Polatlı on 22 June. The bodies of both children were found a few days after their disappearance.”

The HDP Women’s Council pointed out that “such horrible crimes actually are the consequence of a reactionary mentality in the society but also the inadequacy of penal sanctions against child abuse. There is an impunity policy allowed by the government that doesn’t make sure preventive and protective measures are passed."

The AKP, during its 16-year ruling has carried out anti-women policies and indeed has tried to create the women as antagonist.

Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag said, "These are not rapists, they are people who commit sexual abuse. They are just things made with families’ consent”. In other words, the Minister has thus legitimised abuse against little kids.

Need for a Ministry for Children’s Rights

The HDP Women’s Council reiterated the need for the establishment of a Ministry for Children’s Rights and reminded of the many women institutions closed down by the AKP government in the past 16 years.

Likewise, the HDP said the AKP is sadly beyond when it comes to respecting international conventions for children’s rights.