HDP: Women's solidarity will win against men's alliances

Among the 22 women arrested in Amed on Monday are four elected local politicians. A female mayor and two female councilors have been arrested, and another female councilor is still in police custody.

Protests against the arrests of women in Amed continue. Of 22 women arrested on April 5, eight have so far been arrested as alleged members of a terrorist organization, while 13 others have been released on reporting conditions or placed under house arrest.

HDP spokeswoman on local politics, Hediye Karaaslan draws attention to the fact that four local politicians are among the women affected: Necla Tamriş was a mayor of Çınar district, Şehriban Zuğurli and Nurşen Akbal were elected members of Amed City Council. All three are now in prison. Councilwoman Bahar Karakış Uluğ is seriously ill and still in police custody.

Karaaslan describes the arrests of elected female politicians as an attack on the will of women: "The attack is directed against the system of gender-parity dual leadership and the claim to equality in political representation that we have installed in all bodies. It is a continuation of the trustee regime in the Kurdish cities and municipalities. However, the men's alliance of AKP and MHP should know that today, as in the past, we will not give in and will continue our struggle with determination. We will continue the women's liberation struggle and continue to make democratic politics against the oppression of the ruling coalition. Against the one-man system, we will continue to defend dual leadership and the system of equal representation everywhere."

For women, obeying patriarchal politics is out of the question, says Hediye Karaaslan and adds: "We will not be pushed back by electronic ankle bracelets or political hostage-taking. Women's solidarity will win against the alliance of men. We call on all women to raise their voices against the attacks and fight together with us. Our women friends must be released immediately. It is not our liberation struggle that must be condemned, but the attacks on women's gains."