'Jin, Jiyan Azadî' conference in Rome

The conference "Jin, Jiyan Azadî, a philosophy of life transformation" will take place at the University Roma 3 in Rome on Saturday.

A conference will take place at the University Roma 3, Law Faculty in Rome on Saturday, 10 February, to discuss the main factors that have allowed them to take on this key role; the unique level of organization that Kurdish women have achieved in almost all areas of life, and the practical results they have achieved.

The conference, organized by Jineolojî Center, TJK-E, Rete Jin Italia, Italian Committee of Jineolojî, NUDM, Collettivo Marielle, will bring together Italian and Kurdish academics and activists of different professional backgrounds.

The organizers of the conference underlined that "Kurdish women are attracting attention in many places as active participants and leaders in the Kurdish movement's nearly half-century struggle for freedom and in the social transformation to which they have contributed over the past two decades."

They argued that "This leadership in the liberation struggle is mainly due to their efforts to transform a male-dominated society. The slogan Jin Jiyan Azadî, which has been heard a lot in the last year due to the revolts in Iran and Rojhilat Kurdistan, is like a synthesis of this long march. This is not just a slogan, but a key to definitively solving social problems that have become a dead end in philosophical, ideological and practical terms."

Another objective of the conference, said the organizers, is to explain the dialectic and social relationship between Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and Kurdish women, which overturns expectations and perceptions, providing a correct understanding of his contribution to the issue of women's liberation usually treated as second slowly, placing it at the center of all problems.

There will also be a political stance against the usurpation of the rights of Öcalan, a political prisoner who has been in the closed Imrali prison for 25 years and has been kept in deep isolation for 34 months without any connection to the outside world.