'Jin, Jiyan, Azadî' is a philosophy and will create world women's confederalism

"When the night is the deepest, the day is the closest," says Ayten Dersim of the PAJK, calling for intensifying the struggle and throwing fascism "on the rubbish heap of history".

Ayten Dersim of the PAJK (Party of Women's Freedom in Kurdistan) Coordination, in an assessment of the current situation published on her organisation's website, calls for the intensification of the struggle for freedom, saying: "Considering the current phase and the fact that the dawn is closer than ever, more struggle and sacrifice is also necessary."

"Millennia of freedom struggles lie behind us"

Ayten Dersim first addresses the historical dimension of domination, patriarchy and discourse and says: "Freedom is the soul and life source of all living beings and the universe. Of course, freedom is the indispensable goal of life for colonised peoples, women and the disowned. With the colonisation of women and the enslavement of peoples, the struggle for freedom also came on the agenda. Because before that, there was a matrilineal society where life revolved around women. At that time, freedom was a natural part of life, so there was also no concept of freedom. As matricentric culture began to be lost, women throughout history have tried to find and regain what was lost. It is a never-ending quest of millennia of freedom struggles. From the moment domination began, the history of peoples was also rewritten and appropriated in the interests of the rulers. History is therefore considered in the same breath as rulers. But there are millennia of history that preceded it.

"History is not only written, it is alive"

Rêber Apo [Abdullah Öcalan] said: 'I write the unwritten history, it is the history of the peoples and women'. Now we are struggling to return to our past and dig up what should remain hidden, write what has not been written, in order to gain the freedom we deserve and rewrite history. As I mentioned at the beginning, this struggle has never stopped; there has always been an uninterrupted march for the freedom of women and peoples. But weakness in organisation, weakness in leadership and, above all, weakness in not looking at our own unwritten history enough from a holistic perspective based on the new Apoist paradigm can play a delaying and distracting role in leading us to the outcome. Of course, many more reasons can be cited. But as a freedom and women's movement, we are the defenders of the great history of freedom, the history of resistance; we claim the legacy of all resistances and struggles for freedom. We carry this unwritten legacy into the present and into the future. History is not only written, it is alive, it is lived, it is today.

"It is about resistance and victory"

As a freedom movement, we have made tremendous progress and passed through very difficult crossroads in our revolutionary journey that has been going on for 50 years, but today, as in the past, it is about resistance and victory. It is crystal clear, this struggle is the struggle for the existence of the denied and disregarded peoples, it is the struggle of women. In our half century of struggle, history has witnessed thousands of epic resistances and great sacrifices. The pioneers of this freedom struggle were clear about their ideals and goals. They were aware that they would pay a heavy price if they set out to create awareness and spread self-confidence. In the beginning they said: 'This people exists and will exist. Walking on the path of this truth already means dignity and freedom.' They knew that being freedom fighters means facing all difficulties, overcoming obstacles and sharpening one's conviction like a sharp knife at every opportunity. This maxim is the philosophy of life taught by Rêber Apo of this movement. It is a movement that has been the hope of women and peoples for half a century.

"We are the children of fire and sun"

We are the children of the fire and the sun. All our saints come from the fire and the sun, and it is they who connect us with the sacred love of freedom. We have enforced our survival in the Middle East and Kurdistan with our saints from the past, and our struggle will not stop until we take back our existence stolen by the masked gods of today. We were, we are and we will be by resisting and fighting. What we have achieved will be a mirror of what we will achieve, and those who are conscious know that as freedom guerrillas, we are among those who kill death through their self-sacrifice, who create a perspective on how to live and how to fight and how to follow in the footsteps of the comrades who said, 'A life lived must be free or not to be.'

"Sara and Rûken have shown the reality of free women"

In the dialectics of the freedom movement, our comrades show us our will and our perspective of resistance in every phase with their actions. With this will, our companions Sara and Rûken, full of love for humanity, have become pioneers who have written freedom history. In Mersin, where the enemy would never have expected them, they showed with their action the reality of women who have been educated by the philosophy of freedom.

It is necessary to understand the action and path of our comrades Sara and Rûken and the legacy they have left behind. These comrades have once again shown the reality of the free women's movement, the wholeness of the action of women who have given meaning to themselves, and have dealt a blow to the special war policy of the enemy.

Through Sara and Rûken, we have seen once again that our history of freedom, our roots and our history of struggle have sustained us for millennia and will lead us to success with the right mindset and action.

Our comrades Rûken and Sara are the result of the values created by the free women's movement. A women's army has been built and a women's party has been developed 30 years ago, and their paradigm and perspective on life have taken firm steps forward and created freedom and sociality.

"Building the World Women's Confederalism"

Today, the slogan 'Jin Jiyan Azadî' [Woman, Life, Freedom], which was shouted in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) and spread all over Iran, is a philosophy that is second nature to free women who are ready to sacrifice their lives in order not to step back from their leadership role. Wave after wave, this philosophy will become the utopia of women's freedom throughout the world and create world women's confederalism.

There is a saying, 'When the night is deepest, the day is nearest.' Considering the process we are going through, the dawn is now closer to us and more efforts and sacrifices are required than ever before. Our most important intellectual and operational goal must be to fight for the physical freedom of Rêber Apo and to unite around the guerrillas. We call for strengthening the ranks of struggle and throwing fascism together on the rubbish heap of history."