Jineology camp in northern France

In northern France, a four-day Jineology seminar has been held for members of Kurdish women's councils.

The Kurdish women's movement in France (TJK-F) has organised a four-day Jineology seminar with activists from Kurdish women's councils and initiatives from northern France. 44 women and 19 children came to the camp in Chevrières.

The course of the four days was organized collectively, for the children there was a separate program. Opinions and experiences were exchanged in the women's seminar program.

The content covered the unwritten history of the enslavement of women, the situation of women in the Neolithic, the experiences of women's movements worldwide and especially in Kurdistan. The developmental history of the Kurdish women's movement and the emergence of Jineology as a science of women with their methods, fields of action and their institutionalization were particularly highlighted.

The Jineology camp was the first of its kind in northern France. In a concluding evaluation, the motivation of the participants became clear, with the gained insights into the upcoming work in the women's councils and initiatives.