Jineoloji Research Centre opens in Aleppo

A Jineoloji Research Center was opened in the neighbourhood of Şêxmeqsud, in Aleppo.

A Jineoloji Research Center was opened the neighbourhood of Şêxmeqsud in Aleppo. The opening ceremony was held with the participation of hundreds of people from Şêxmeqsûd and Eşrefiyê and started with a minute silence.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Kongra Star Coordination member Zeyneb Efrîn said: "Today, we are proud to open a Jineoloji Research Center in the neighbourhood of Şêxmeqsûd in Aleppo, which is the cradle of civilization."

Stating that women have been subjected to great injustices since history, Zeyneb Efrîn said: “Women, however, did not accept any pressure. Women showed themselves in all areas of life with the struggle for a free life.”

Kongra Star Coordination member Zeyneb Ibo stated that women were constantly oppressed by the male-dominated mentality and said: “Women never accepted to surrender. Women played a very important and lasting role in the Rojava revolution."

Yasmin Menan, one of the directors of the Jineoloji Research Center, wished that the opening would be beneficial to all women, and said that by opening such a centre on Abdullah Öcalan's birthday, women once again gave the message that they would never hold back from the struggle.

After the speeches, the center was opened by the mother of martyr Nurhak and the father of Martyr Alan.