KCDK-E sends a message to all resisting women on 25 November

KCDK-E pointed out that tens of thousands of women are killed every year in the world as a result of state and male violence, and saluted all women who struggle to eliminate violence and build a woman-oriented life.

The European Kurdistan Democratic Societies Congress (KCDK-E) issued a written statement to mark 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Pointing out the importance of women's self-organization, equal representation and self-defense in all areas of life against femicide, the KCDK-E saluted all women who struggle for the elimination of violence and the construction of a woman-centered life.

The message from the KCDK-E says: “Women will be on the streets all over the world on 25 November. On 25 November, they will march to turn their rebellion against exploitation and violence into a day of resistance.

The memory of the Mirabal sisters, their struggle for freedom and human rights continue to be an inspiration for women's movements around the world.

Violence against women continues to be practiced by both the rulers and men as an attack that leads to the physical, sexual and psychological targeting of women in society. All forms of violence against women are political.”

The statement continued: “The oppression, rape, threat of violence and murder of women are encouraged by the state. The state encourages by granting impunity to those responsible of the attacks against women. Fascist reactionary governments do not make any effort to eliminate violence against women.

Women continue to be exposed to various forms of violence in all areas of life, in their homes, workplaces, public spaces and in their struggles.”

The statement added: “The exploitation of labor continues to be the main means of exploitation of the male-dominated system. The labor of women at home is still invisible and not recognized.

Dozens of women are murdered, raped and killed every day in Turkey. Turkey is one of the worst countries in terms of domestic violence. Efforts are being made to cover up the cases of harassment and rape in custody.”

The statement also underlined that “the genocidal Turkish state and its mercenaries, continue with their ambitions to invade Kurdistan and carry out massacres of women in Afrin.

In Rojava, where a woman-oriented life is being built, women have defeated the male-dominated mentality and its guardian state. The separation of women from the male-dominated mentality is ensured by building a free and democratic life. The women of Rojava, who defeated ISIS barbarism and the darkness of the middle ages, set an example and hope for the whole world with their free life model.

Leader Apo's women's libertarian ideas came to life in Rojava and now are growing as a hope for women all over the world.”

The KCDK-E ended its statement saying: “With the awareness that women are the main power of social transformation in Turkey and in the world, we greet all women who struggle to eliminate violence against women and build a woman-centered life on the occasion of 25 November with our feelings of solidarity.”