KJAR calls for a more radical stand for the women’s liberation revolution

The Community of Free Women of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR) calls for a more radical stand for the uprising that has been going on in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran for 40 days.

Since 16 September, the day the young Kurdish woman Jina Mahsa Amini was murdered by the Iranian morality police, the uprising in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran has continued. The coordination of the Community of Free Women of Eastern Kurdistan (Komelgeha Jinên Azadiya Rojhilat, KJAR) speaks of a "spark of freedom" that was ignited in Seqiz (Saqqez) and spread to Kurdistan and the whole of Iran, saying, “No power can extinguish this fire of freedom anymore.”


KJAR underlined that the culture of resistance makes the voice of freedom louder and stronger on the streets every day: "Our people greet their martyrs not with mourning and weeping, but in the spirit of resistance and under the banners of freedom. This is the spirit that brings the good news of freedom to the people. No government can suppress the philosophy shown in the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî" (Woman, Life, Freedom). The fact that Kurdish, Azerbaijani, Baloch and Arab women are standing together today is the greatest achievement and gives the greatest significance to the women's liberation revolution. Now it is time to establish strong women's committees and nature protection committees in all areas."


The statement concluded: "The women's liberation revolution and the democratic self-government system of Eastern Kurdistan and Iran will be the basis for the social revolution in the Middle East. This revolution will liberate the world. This revolution belongs to all women and people. Therefore, a more radical stand for this revolution is needed. We are determined to continue to strengthen the struggle in all fields until the freedom of all women in Iran is achieved. With our common struggle, the people will achieve victory and freedom no matter what."